Yoga and Politics Article

As the first yoga teacher to stand for parliament in England, I have written a major article on Yoga and Politics in the latest issue of the British Wheel of Yoga magazine, Spectrum.

The article starts:
You are probably wondering: ”Why on earth would a yoga teacher want to stand for parliament ?!” I sometimes ask myself the same question! After all, politicians are distrusted even more than estate agents, journalists and bankers – some achievement! And how would a yoga teacher reconcile the meditative calm of yoga with the hurly burly of parliamentary politics? Doesn’t introducing politics into yoga risk being divisive and destructive? Isn’t the job of yoga teachers simply to be on their mats?

If you want to read more, you can download the article here.


It seems my article was very timely ! Follow this link to read about the mass yoga demo in Istanbul as part of the democratic protests sweeping Turkey in the last few weeks.

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