Winter clothes for refugees in Iraq

I have been privileged to be involved in a small way in a brilliant project based in Brighton dedicated to sending over second hand winter clothes to refugees in Iraq.

It is a simple idea, as all the best ones are: whatever your views on Iraq (and I have made clear my opposition to the recent bombing for example), everyone agrees that the many thousands of refugees within Iraq desperately need help with appropriate clothing before the onset of the harsh winter.

The inspiring person who leads the project is Samara Levy from Ovingdean. She had a dream of collecting clothes from people across the City and sending them to Iraq. She began collecting and encouraged others to do the same. She arranged for a huge juggernaut to pick up the 850 (!) boxes of clothes and to deliver them to Iraq.

The lorry left the UK last Friday packed to the roof with clothes after an army of helpers turned out in the last few days to pack the clothes into the lorry.

For me, as well as this being a unifying project for the community to rally behind, it was also inspiring in another way: it shows that if one person has the vision and the energy, they can work with others to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

A huge well done and thank you to Samara and all her helpers for their achievement.

Here is a link to the Latest TV interview with Samara (and myself):

And a link to the campaign Facebook page: winter clothes lorry team

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