The Weather !!!

Everyone is talking about the weather – the storms, the floods, how it hasn’t stopped raining since….forever !

And of course, there’s nothing we like better in Britain than talking about the weather. But the extreme weather is of course telling us something, and it’s about time we listened.

“The wettest January since records began…”

I’ve lost count in the last few years of the number of times weather reporters have explained that this is the coldest/wettest/hottest/windiest month since records began. This is not an accident.

Climate change provides the framework for our daily weather patterns. And as global warming affects the overall climate, so our day-to-day weather is changing too. And it is becoming more extreme and unpredictable.

“Climate change seems so distant and hard to do anything about”

It is easier to talk about the weather than climate change. The latter seems so big an issue, it’s sometimes hard for people to know what they can do about it. But if we keep seeing climate change as an issue for the future – that future may become very unpleasant.

The recent changes to our weather patterns are just a small foretaste of what climate change is likely to bring in the future. Things on the weather front are likely to get worse, much worse, unless politicians in other parties start taking climate change seriously.

At the moment, only the Green Party takes climate change seriously. Just remember that next time you complain about the weather!


Oh and as a bit of fun, here is a BBC random poll taken on the streets last month, showing that around half of people asked already thought climate change was responsible for freak weather.

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