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Rally against cuts to the fire service!

Fire Service Rally Agains Cuts

I spoke from the platform panel at a rally last night about the proposed cuts to the fire service in Brighton & Hove (& East Sussex more widely).

There were around 100 people present including many firefighters. Politicians were there from across the political spectrum opposing the cuts. Simon Kirby, Tory MP for Brighton Kemptown, Nancy Platts from Labour and myself – both Kemptown PPCs (for Labour and the Greens respectively). And national fire brigade official Jim Parrott was there to present the firefighters’ case.

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Meadow Vale – the plot thickens!

I have previously blogged about my opposition to the proposed housing development at Meadow Vale.
At a packed recent rally in Ovingdean with almost 500 people present, I joined Simon Kirby MP and Nancy Platts, Labour candidate for Kemptown in voicing opposition. The national Labour Party has announced it will retain the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) that has so encouraged the developer to push for the Meadow Vale site!

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