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Money for wars but not public services

So Parliament is to be recalled by David Cameron to authorise air strikes in Iraq. While no ground troops are proposed yet, President Obama has not ruled them out. We are heading for war AGAIN in the Middle East. It is time to stand up and say no to this madness!

We have been here before with military interventions in the Middle East. It is time to draw lessons from them. They have all been catastrophic failures – Iraq, Libya and Syria. They don’t work.

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Hurrah for the Scots !

Whatever the result of the Scottish Referendum on Independence (and a “Yes” vote now looks a real possibility) the Scottish people have done the rest of us a huge favour.

They have shown that you can campaign positively for radical change. You can win the hearts and minds of people that another world is possible. You can take on the whole political establishment in an apparently hopeless quest for a “utopian” policy. It is a triumph for the politics of hope over fear.

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Massive support for public sector strike

Caroline on march

I was delighted to be on the anti-austerity march through Brighton & Hove today.

More than 2000 people joined the protest and went on to a rally at the Level. Schools were shut, council workers were on strike, civil servants and firefighters all joined the protest. There was lots of support from the public – no “get back to work” jibes, but clapping, car horn blowing, and cheering.

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