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Why Vote Green in Kemptown?

Perhaps the most frequent question I hear from people in the Kemptown constituency is why should I vote Green? Wouldn’t it be better to vote Labour to keep the Tories out?

I understand the question. For years, many of us on the Left have held our noses and voted tactically for the party we loathed the least. It’s ingrained into us.

But you have to ask the question, where exactly has that approach got us after all these years?

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Fantastic campaign launch!

Wow ! What a night we had last night at the official DavyJones4Kemptown launch event !

More than 150 people packed into the Sidewinder pub. Green Party leader Natalie Bennett travelled 200 miles to deliver a rousing speech on the Green Surge. As Davy recounted all the campaigns DJ4KT had supported over the past 18 months, members of those campaigns, trade unions and groups, shouted out from the audience to acknowledge it.

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