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Fire Service Cuts Alert!

The East Sussex Fire & Rescue Services Authority (ESFRS) is currently consulting on making serious cuts to the local fire service – one fire engine out of five in the City, with the loss of around 24 firefighters’ jobs.

Didn’t know about it ?

You are not the only one ! Almost no one seems to have heard about it! The consultation seems to have completely failed to reach the public – you and me – the people who have most to lose from it.

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Older People Didn’t Cause Austerity ! So Why Are They Being Blamed For It?

A “Divide and Rule” Budget for the affluent, middle aged second-home owners

That’s what the headlines after last Thursday’s budget should have said.

However the media were nearly all headlining a “pensioners budget”. Even the Guardian‘s headline was “Vote Blue Go Grey”. This headline and others like it are as big a lie as the “Vote Blue Go Green pledge of the Tories before the last election!

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