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Europe rises up against austerity

There is something really significant stirring in politics. I think we will look back at this moment in the future and realise how important it was.

The victory in the Greek elections of the Syriza coalition, which is very radical and implacably opposed to the prevailing consensus on austerity, has changed everything. And In Spain too, another anti-austerity party Podemos, that did not even exist 18 months ago, now leads the opinion polls.

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Massive support for public sector strike

Caroline on march

I was delighted to be on the anti-austerity march through Brighton & Hove today.

More than 2000 people joined the protest and went on to a rally at the Level. Schools were shut, council workers were on strike, civil servants and firefighters all joined the protest. There was lots of support from the public – no “get back to work” jibes, but clapping, car horn blowing, and cheering.

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Teachers Strike

I joined two thousand other people today (17 October) on an impressively large march through Brighton, protesting about this Government’s attacks on the teaching profession. There was an inspiring rally at the end in the Brighton Centre, with Green MP Caroline Lucas, a local firefighter, and teachers from various schools in the City. Well done […]

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