The DavyJones4Kemptown campaign is not just about me. We are trying to provide a platform for many campaigns and good causes. Along the way a number of people in the constituency and nationwide have kindly offered me their support.

Here is a selection of local people who are supporting my candidacy:

Atlanta Cook (Marine Environment Consultancy  – Co-founder of The Deans Beach & Environment Volunteers and a Marine Conservation Society Sea Champion and Rottingdean Resident:Atlanta Cook“I am supporting Davy Jones because – as a marine environment consultant with over 20 years experience of campaigning and organising to protect our seas – I need people in Parliament who have the integrity and foresight to place human health, animal welfare and environmental protection needs first. The pollution of our seas is at critical mass. The ‘Plastic Soup’ we humans have created has to be cleaned up and we need leaders capable of making tough decisions that will restore the marine environment back to good health. Life is not a rehearsal. There is no Planet B.”
Aidan Pettitt (Founder member of Campaign for Education in Brighton & Hove and of the Brighton Peoples Assembly, socialist and lifelong trade unionist):Aiden Pettitt“I am supporting Davy Jones because of his stance opposing the privatisation of education, cuts in education jobs and provision, and the narrowing of the curriculum, and his total opposition to racism all forms of discrimination. I have also worked closely with him in the Brighton Peoples Assembly supporting trade unionists fighting against the cuts.”
Andrea Finch (Woodingdean resident):Andrea Finch“I support Davy Jones because he has common sense policies for local people and he is clued up about issues that affect us in our constituency.  He has supported the local Save Our Deans campaign from the outset.I look forward to him joining Caroline Lucas as the second Green MP in parliament where I am confident that, like her, he will prove to be a politician with integrity who stands up for ordinary constituents rather than big business and toeing the party line.”

Tom Druitt (Managing Director of the Big Lemon, local social entrepreneur, environmental campaigner and Whitehawk resident):Tom Druitt“I am supporting Davy Jones for Brighton Kemptown because he is a man of principle, not afraid to stick up for the things, and the people, that matter.  Davy is incredibly hard-working yet always able to listen, and he would make an excellent MP.”


Other local supporters include:Ginny Dean (Ovingdean resident & yoga teacher, involved in Save Our Deans campaign)Jackie Chase (Radio Free Brighton)

Dave Baker (Local NHS campaigner)

Neil Smith (Conservationist in Whitehawk)

Janet Preece (Saltdean resident)

and last but absolutely not least (!) Caroline Lucas MP, Brighton Pavilion – here is the lovely message of support that Caroline Lucas sent to our launch event recently:


National supporters of my candidacy include:

Natalie Bennett & Will Duckworth, leader and former deputy leader of the Green Party

Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper magazine

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East

Susan Ritchie, Jez Hall, Amanda Murrell & lan Budge (Participatory Budgeting Network – in personal capacity)

Barry Creasey and Rachel Lopata (Consultation Institute – in personal capacity)

Richard Kuper (Jews for Justice, Palestine campaigner and formerly Pluto Press)

Professor Judy Wajcman (London School of Economics)

Peter Dickens (Cambridge University)

Professor Ted Benton (Essex University)

Pat Devine (University of Manchester, Convenor of Red Green Study Group)


And finally,

Alan Budge was so moved by one of my emails to supporters that he penned this lovely song (to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy….”:

Davy, Davy
Give us Green MP two
We’re all crazy
Bring us some sanity do
It won’t be a massive landslide
We’re still hooked on growth and car rides
But one day you’ll tweet from your safe seat
And the planet will thank you too

Watch out Poet Laureate……


One thought on “Supporters

  1. Brian Kerslake

    Davey, Davey Jones
    King of the Green Frontier.

    (Based on the Ballad of Davy CRocket, cowboy film of my youth (and Davey’s)


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