Say no to TTIP!

Well done to 38 Degrees for organising a great meeting in St Marys Church, Kemptown yesterday on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP).

I shared a platform with parliamentary candidates across the City from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Socialist Party of Great Britain. Simon Kirby from the Conservatives noticeably did not turn up. In addition John Hilary from War on Want and 38 Degrees both gave fascinating talks on what TTIP is really all about and the growing campaign to stop it here and abroad.

Only the Liberal Democrats sought to defend TTIP or at least to suggest a “wait and see” attitude to its final proposals. Even UKIP argued against it, while linking it inevitably to their anti-EU rhetoric.

Nancy Platts from Labour pledged her wholehearted personal opposition to TTIP. But, she had no answer to the point I made that Labour nationally had made clear in its Election Manifesto that: “it supports the general principles behind the negotiations on TTIP.”

I made clear that for the Green Party, TTIP represented everything that was wrong in the world we live in and was “rotten to the core”. I pledged that part of the “Peaceful Revolution” the Green Party has called for in its Election Manifesto was to oppose TTIP root and branch.

Speaking at TTIP DJ

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