Proud at Pride

This weekend saw the annual Brighton LBBT Pride parade and festivities.


While the theme of the day was “Disco”, nevertheless there as also a serious element to the occasion as the 78 countries where homosexuality is still illegal were highlighted on the parade by protesting naming and shaming the countries.


Along with many local Green Party members I supported the GP float and was deeply moved by the huge groundswell of support we received along the entire parade route. There were constant cheers for the Green Party and many people shouting “Caroline, we love you !”  to our brilliant local Pavilion MP, Caroline Lucas.


It was a wonderful antidote to those like the local Labour Party who spend most of their time, it seems, criticising the Green Party and claiming how unpopular we are. There remains huge support for the Green Party in the City and a recognition that our consistent support for the LGBT community is symptomatic of our radical policies across the board.


An inspiring day !

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