Minister for Yoga anyone ?

IMG_1053 2 The newspapers yesterday (11/11/2014) were full of the story that Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has achieved a political first on the world stage by appointing a Minister for Yoga: Huffington Post on Indian Minister of Yoga

Sorry to take the wind out of his sails and de-scoop the international media heavyweights and the Twittersphere, but The Green Party in Kemptown was first out of the blocks with this one – and have the video to prove it.

When Green Party parliamentary candidate Davy Jones announced that he would be standing for Parliament, he also said that he would be take his seat in the Lotus position, as he would be the only MP who is also a qualified Yoga teacher.

His video, in which he links yoga to politics, may be a bit of fun but alongside the tongue in cheek references he makes some serious points, and argues that perhaps our politics would be a lot better if more MPs applied some of the calm refection and wisdom associated with Yoga. You can watch his video here/link: DavyJones4Kemptown yoga and politics video

Paul Fox, vice chair of the British Wheel of Yoga said:” India is the birthplace of yoga, which has spread around the world due to its therapeutic and – for some – spiritual benefits. So we welcome the Indian government’s commitment to promoting yoga. However, we will not be holding our breath for David Cameron to make a similar innovation in his next Cabinet reshuffle! And while not endorsing any political party, we are delighted that we have a yoga teacher standing for parliament at the next UK general election.”

Davy added: “I take both politics and yoga very seriously. For me, they complement each other well. But don’t worry, I won’t try to tie you up in political knots.”

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