Kemptown Result!

Sadly we didn’t win !

But we ran a great campaign, got lots of support and contributed to Caroline Lucas’ amazing re-election Brighton Pavilion with a thumping majority of almost 8000.

Simon Kirby, the outgoing Tory MP, was re-elected in Kemptown with 18,428 votes;
Nancy Platts, Labour, came second with 17, 738 votes;
Ian Buchanan, UKIP, came third with 4,446 votes (much of it from Peacehaven alone);
I came fourth with 3,187 votes (7%) and saved my deposit;
Paul Chandler came fifth with 1,365 votes;
Two small independent candidates got around two hundred votes between them.

Our vote was up from 2,300 in 2010 when we got 5% of the vote. Our support was much stronger – but perhaps as many as 1500/2000 people opted to vote tactically to try and keep the Tories out – usuccessfully !

We are very pleased with our result and our campaign. There is plenty of scope for the future in Kemptown for the Green Party.

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