Greens say no to Austerity

I was interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex this morning about austerity and cuts.

It was one of a series of programmes looking at the main parties’ views on the main issues raised by voters in Sussex.

This was my opening summary:

The Green Party is clear: austerity is wrong. It punishes the rest of us for the mistakes of the bankers.

All the other parties in England promise yet more cuts to public services – they only argue about how deep those cuts should be.

We’re the sixth richest nation in the world so there’s plenty of money around – but it’s not distributed fairly.

After the Second World War, when the budget deficit was even bigger, we invested in the NHS, council homes and millions of jobs.

We need to do this again to make our economy grow for the benefit of the many – not the wealthy few. That’s the Green Party alternative to austerity.

You can hear the programme here (it is around 13/14 minutes into the programme and lasts around 5/6 minutes):

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