Tories, UKIP & LibDems vote for fire service cuts!

I’m shocked and disappointed that a combination of East Sussex Tories, Lib Dems & UKIP narrowly voted through the fire service cuts today at the East Sussex Fire Authority meeting. The Greens, Labour & the Brighton & Hove Tories voted against.

That was despite over 10,000 signatures to a petition against the cuts, and even a majority in the appallingly ineffective official “consultation” against the proposals.

We should make sure that the citizens of the City are aware of which parties voted for the fire service cuts against their wishes ! I wonder what the people of Telscombe and Peacehaven will make of their local UKIP councillor and Kemptown parliamentary candidate, Ian Buchanan, voting for these cuts ? It just goes to show that UKIP in power is as nasty and hostile to public services and those who work in them as the Tories.

I think the campaign against losing one of the City’s five fire engine should continue. Most people here are still unaware of what is proposed to happen, and opposition will continue to grow. As all the Brighton & Hove city councillors from all parties voted against the fire engine cut, I hope the Council spearhead the campaign to get the decision reversed.

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