Ethics & 2015 General Election

Davy at Brighton UniversityI spoke to nearly 50 students and staff at Brighton University last night about the big moral questions facing us in the 2015 General Election.

I argued that there was a crisis of the 5 “E”s: the Economy, the Environment, the Establishment, Europe and of Ethics.

I described the staggering inequality that the capitalist economy had created in the UK and internationally, and the scary implications of the latest IPCC report on global warming.

I argued that almost all the major components of the Establishment were more discredited than they had ever been during my lifetime. Looking at politics here and in Europe, I suggested that two party mainstream politics was over, probably for ever, and people were increasingly looking for alternatives – protest parties and those developing a radically different world view – whether from the Right or the Left.

My conclusion was that to solve those multiple crises we need an integrated moral and political vision of a new and better world where the planet is cherished and protected for future generations, and where the economy is organised round the needs of the majority, not a tiny elite, and the vulnerable are cared for. Only the Green Party is articulating such a vision.

The message seemed to go down well – the students admitted to being initially sceptical that they would find my message convincing or appealing. But after an hour and a half of discussion and questions, 9 people signed up to help my campaign!

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