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The escalating housing crisis

living rent flyer

This evening I will be standing with the people of Brighton at a public meeting to address the housing crisis, 7pm at the Brighthelm Center on North Road. Caroline Lucas MP, Bill Randall (Brighton and Hove Council Chair of Housing) and Eileen Short (Defend Council Housing) will be speaking to what should be a great crowd […]

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Yoga charity work

On Saturday 18 May, I did 108 (yes 108!) Sun Salutations to raise money for the anti-trafficking organisation Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore India, which has rescued hundreds of women and children from traffickers. Altogether, I raised over £300. If you would like to sponsor me, please email me on: hello@inspirationyoga.net You might also want […]

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Yoga and Politics Article

As the first yoga teacher to stand for parliament in England, I have written a major article on Yoga and Politics in the latest issue of the British Wheel of Yoga magazine, Spectrum. The article starts: You are probably wondering: ”Why on earth would a yoga teacher want to stand for parliament ?!” I sometimes […]

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