About me

A little bit about me….

I have been politically active all my life – as a campaigner, and for a while in the Labour Party until, like many others, I left after its leadership became little different in policies and practice from the Tories.

I’ve lived in Brighton for the past 10 years and have had close associations with the City since the late 1960s when my parents moved to Saltdean. They stayed there until they sadly both died over the last few years. I went to Brighton Hove & Sussex Grammar School (on the site now occupied by BHASVIC). I played pitch and putt in Saltdean and taught English to European students at the Lido. I went to my first ever political meeting in the church hall in Saltdean ! And over the last decade both my daughters have been to Brighton schools and colleges. I have lots of family and hundreds of friends in and around Brighton & Hove. I have always considered Brighton “home”.

For many years I worked in London for different local councils as a senior policy adviser. I then worked for 8 years at a senior level at the national Audit Commission. I did a lot of public speaking here and abroad for the Audit Commission as an expert on performance management and partnership working, and on how to involve local people in decision-making. For the last five years, I have been freelance working with councils and other public bodies on the same theme.

I am also a qualified yoga teacher – the first in the UK ever to stand for parliament ! And I teach a number of yoga classes in and around Brighton & Hove. And my wife and I run yoga workshops and holidays here and abroad. Yoga helps keep me balanced (in every sense !) amidst all the hurly burly of politics.

I am passionate too about other things – music, football (Arsenal and Brighton & Hove Albion), films, walking and my family and friends. I love the Brighton Festival and the seafront and the Downs.

I’m not an establishment politician. The Green Party does not share the same assumptions as the three main parties (Tories, Labour, LibDems);

* We don’t believe that everyday people who didn’t cause the financial crisis should have to pay for it;

* We don’t support the austerity drive;

* we don’t believe in plundering the planet’s natural resources when we could be using renewable energy.

* We believe that the financial crisis is linked to the environmental crisis – both reflect the grossly unequal world we live in;

A tiny super-rich elite has huge wealth and squanders the natural resources of the planet, while the vast majority of people struggle to make ends meet and to treat their local environment responsibly (see more on Green Party policy here: http://greenparty.org.uk/policies.html

Wait for the Green Man? I'm here already!

Wait for the Green Man? I’m here already!

Nearly two years to go to the General Election but I have already kissed my first baby - how shameless is that!

Nearly two years to go to the General Election but I have already kissed my first baby – how shameless is that!