My name is Davy Jones: that’s one you won’t forget!

I’m standing at the next General Election as the Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party for the Brighton Kemptown constituency, which includes Saltdean & Peacehaven.


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The General Election next May is really important.

It’s a chance to vote for things that are incredibly important – like the need to protect our environment for future generations, and to fight for a society organised around the needs of the majority not a tiny super-rich elite.

Many people are fed up with politicians – “they’re all the same”. But the Green Party really is different. Caroline Lucas has proved that by being a brilliant much-admired Brighton MP.

I grew up in Saltdean, so I’m local. I’ve worked at a senior level in public services and now I help local communities have more of a say over decisions that affect their lives, so I’m experienced.

You can help change things. A better world is possible and another Green MP is possible.

We can do it – together.